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for your hydromat


for your hydromat


for your hydromat

About Us…

We don’t do business the way our fathers did business; technology has changed everything as the skilled workforce we once knew is disappearing. It is incredible to think a decade into the future and imagine what will be possible and how the world will do business.

Since 2004 we have built a tooling manufacturing business that gets products out the door faster and more economically than ever before.

By capitalizing on the speed of change and shifting demographics, Core Powered is manufacturing product with the highest skilled workforce using the latest technology through our four, seamlessly connected, shops located in Canada, England and America as if all inside the same building.

       ……what can we build for you?

Helping you achieve extraordinary results!

Charles Ruecker
CEO & President



P.O. Box 153
Acton, Ontario
L7J 2M3