Cut Off Rack Piston Housing Repair


Core Powered makes and repairs all of the parts that are used in the Hydromat cutoff including:

  1. Quick change saw heads and quick change parts
  2. Rack pistons
  3. Swing tubes
  4. Cutoff Flange Repair – when worn oval by swing tubes
  5. Cutoff rack piston housing repair – Pictured

The rack piston housing is susceptible to damage over time due to the open nature of the piston seal area. Fine particles from the swing tube wear can score the piston seal area resulting in excessive hydraulic fluid leaks and reduced saw performance.

Core Powered grinds the piston bores to clean them up, then manufactures oversize pistons fitted with oversize seals (seal are available with a few days). This repair method restore the rack piston housing to new condition reducing both replacement lead time and cost over OEM replacements.

Repair instead of replace damaged or worn high value parts.