Twin Spindle Milling Heads


Many attachments for Hydromats that were once stock and on the shelf items, are now a challenge to find. Core Powered recognizes this and is making it easier for you to find accessories for our customers.

Pictured above is an example of the solutions we have recently provided. This twin spindle milling head was made in both 36/100 flange quill and 20 size clamp on spindle configurations.

Depending on the part, we can engineer from scratch to match what you need, or if you have an old, worn, or even broken example of the parts that you need, we can work from that. In most cases the cost and lead time will be much better that you would expect.

Don’t give up on the older attachments just because you cannot fined them or get parts. They were designed to help you run productive and efficient processes, and still can.